Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School!

This was back to school week in our house. Keegan started 1st grade, Regina is now a Kindergartener, and Maddie is in preschool. There was excitement in the air on our first morning, they couldn't wait to put on their uniforms, new shoes, and wear their new backpacks. 

Sitting in our new mud room

First Grade!

Look out Kindergarten, here comes Regina!


 After school, we celebrated with a back-to-school feast. The girls got to indulge in their favorite treats: hot dogs, taco salad, and Mexican Coke! We had cupcakes for dessert, but the coke was definitely their favorite surprise! We also put a theme to our school year: Learning With Joy. We are going to celebrate and give thanks for learning eagerly and with joy and bliss in our hearts all year long.