What's There to Eat?

This is what's on the table at the Duggan Ohana house!

February 4, 2012--Lentil Burgers
We had a "Super Bowl" party with the girls, and Ryan made delicious lentil burgers.  We are trying to eat a lot healthier, and I personally am trying to decrease my meat consumption (generally don't each as much as the average bear, but still trying to minimize). They had about half the ground beef of a regular burger, and were just as delicious.  Thumbs up from all of us!

January 20, 2012--Veggie Pizza

We resurrected an old recipe we had from a few years ago (I think it originated from a Pampered Chef cookbook).  Pillsbury pizza crust, mayo and ranch dressing for the sauce, and lots of veggies under the mozzarella cheese (we used spinach, carrots, red pepper, and broccoli--basically just what we had in the house).  Ryan and I love it, girls were luke-warm, though.

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