Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Day at the Park

When we told Keegan and Regina we were going to the park, they instantly conjured images of slides and swings, but the Zhengzhou park is more of a ponds and green area "park".  However, strolling through the park we did stumble upon what looked like a carnival, although this carnival had only one or two rides going, and the only way you could differentiate who's working the rides from who's riding the rides is by the wad of cash they were holding.  So, obviously we had to check it out and take a couple spins on whatever we could.  The tune playing along with the rides was pretty catchy too.  Maddie's ears perked up right away and she started swaying side to side in her stroller.

Our new stroller that the hotel gets wholesale for the newly adopted children.

Entrance to the Zhengzhou Park.

The ponds are filled with lilly pads.

We're an even bigger hit with the locals now.

A random exercise machine in the middle of the park.  It's called the "Surfing Board".

Maddie and Mommy ride the boat.

Keegan and Regina ride a fire truck around the track.

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