Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Just In....


Nana Jacqui just called me at work to tell us the good news, Regina said "Thank You" this morning and used the phrase in the correct context! My mom was handing her a sippy cup, and Regina replied, "Thank you", then proceeded to repeat the phrase a few times in response to my mom's voice!!!

She has been doing the typical "da-da-da-da", "ma-ma-ma-ma", "pa-pa-pa-pa", and "ba-ba-ba-ba", so this "Thank you" is a completely out of the blue!!

Stay tuned, because she is progressing so quickly I am convinced mastering calculus will be next!!!

3/10/10 Update: I was just feeding Regina dinner, and she said it to me a few times! It's officially part of her vocab now. Way to go Reggie Roo!

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Amanda said...

So exciting! What a smart (and polite!) little girl you have. :)